Excerpt from the CAPV Statutes

Mission of the Association

CAPV is a professional organization whose mission is to improve the quality of education through educational research, to promote the exchange of information among educational researchers, and to disseminate the findings of educational research and highlight their contribution to practice. Educational research can be defined in a broad, interdisciplinary sense as any research activity in teaching, learning and education.

Czech Educational Research Association [Česká asociace pedagogického výzkumu], registered association. CAPV is an association within the meaning of Section 3045 of the Civil Code, in conjunction with Section 214 et seq. of the Civil Code.

CAPV operates on the territory of the Czech Republic.

The CAPV office is located at the Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague, Myslíkova 7, 116 39 Prague 1. 

CAPV is a member of the European Educational Research Association (EERA).

Main Programme Objectives of the Association 

The association fulfils its mission in particular by the following activities:

  • creating mutual awareness of research methods and findings among Czech educational institutions, in particular by organizing conferences and publishing the results of conference deliberations;
  • providing an information network for the coordination of educational research;
  • evaluating the profile and quality of educational research;
  • influencing educational policy;
  • supporting improvement of the quality of training of young researchers in education;
  • promoting knowledge from educational research among educational researchers and other workers in the field of education;
  • building the prestige of educational research;
  • representing Czech educational research abroad.