According to the valid Statutes, anyone whose professional activity is related to research in teaching and education, even if in various fields (pedagogy, psychology, sociology) or in other fields that at least marginally correspond to teaching and education (e.g. economics, medicine, etc.), can become a member of CAPV. The membership is also open to those who are not involved in any research directly but use its findings in practice (teachers), and to students of the corresponding fields.

Each member is obliged to adhere to the Statutes, support the programme objectives, actively comply with the Ethical Code of Czech Educational Sciences and Research, and pay the required membership fees regularly.

The full text of the Statutes is available on the Czech website or by contacting the CAPV President.

The membership is linked to the person applying for it, is not transferable to another person, and is not passed on to his/her legal successor. A natural person becomes a member on the date of the decision to accept his/her application for membership. The application must be submitted to the CAPV Executive Board in writing and must be accompanied by the recommendation of an existing CAPV member, otherwise it cannot be accepted.

The decision on the application is taken by the CAPV Executive Board, usually at the first meeting following the submission of the application.

Membership fees

Membership fees are set at 500 CZK per year (basic); or 300 CZK (reduced rate only for internal doctoral students). The membership fee is paid for the full calendar year.

Membership fees can be paid by transfer to the CAPV bank account. The CAPV account to which the membership fee can be paid is maintained by Česká spořitelna under the account No. 000000 – 2051199389 / 0800; for identification, use the membership number as the variable number. If you do not know the membership number, please contact us at

The membership fee must always be paid by 31 March of the given year.