The Czech Educational Research Association (CERA/ČAPV) is a professional organization whose mission is to improve the quality of education through educational research, to promote the exchange of information among educational researchers, and to disseminate the findings of educational research and highlight their contribution to practice. Educational research can be defined in a broad, interdisciplinary sense – as any research activity in teaching, learning and education.

  • CAPV is a member of the European Educational Research Association (EERA)
  • CAPV is also a member of the Council of Scientific Societies of the Czech Republic at the Czech Academy of Sciences (RVS)

ČAPV Conference 2023 – Pedagogical research and the educational transformation

This year we will discuss the possibilities and limits of research in the context of the global world and education. Given the ongoing curriculum revisions, the increasing diversity of the educated, changes in society, etc., this is a trending topic affecting the work of many interested institutions and the broader professional and general community.

ČAPV Conference 2022 -Transformation of education and its reflection in educational research

August 29 – August 31, 2022

Conference theme

This year, the Czech Educational Research Association celebrates its 30th anniversary of existance. From the very beginning in 1992, the association’s conferences were focused on sharing methodological approache, reflecting the educational reality that developed in the Czech Republic in a new and, above all, free environment. In this context, it is relevent to raisseveral questions that shall be answered during the conference, either through research results or joint discussions.